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Come and enjoy the natural charms of Baden-Württemberg’s green meadows and the picturesque banks of the Rhine. Discover a number of historic sights and unique flair in the region’s towns and villages. Go on a journey of discovery and fall under their spell! We would be happy to give you some insider tips for activities in the area.

Gasthof Löwen Kappel-Grafenhausen Umgebung Europa Park


Gasthof Löwen is just 3km away from Europa-Park Rust, Germany’s largest and most popular leisure park. It offers adventure, action, thrills and fun for the whole family.

Gasthof Löwen Kappel-Grafenhausen Funny World

Funny World

Funny World is also located nearby. The indoor/outdoor play area is a highlight for kids aged 2 to 12 years old. An ideal option for rainy days or an afternoon’s entertainment.

Gasthof Löwen Kappel-Grafenhausen Umgebung Rhein Taubergießen

Taubergießen nature reserve

The Taubergießen nature reserve is one of Baden-Württemberg’s most beautiful areas. Visitors can discover wonderful river courses and plenty of unspoilt nature by boat, foot or bike.

Gasthof Löwen Kappel-Grafenhausen punt

Punting trips

A punt is the Rhine’s version of the Venetian gondola and offers space for up to 12 people. Enjoy magnificent views of the beautiful countryside on a romantic journey along the wooded shores in the Rheinauen region.

Gasthof Löwen Kappel-Grafenhausen Freiburg


Freiburg is one of the warmest cities in Germany and has a magical Medieval city centre. Go shopping or visit the city’s wonderful sights such as the Freiburg Minster.

Gasthof Löwen Kappel-Grafenhausen Straßburg


The beautiful city of Strasbourg is just 45km away. The city is known for its enchanting historic buildings. Strasbourg Cathedral, Rohan Palace and the Grande Île are some of the most popular attractions.

Gasthof Löwen Kappel-Grafenhausen Umgebung


The Alsace is one of Europe’s most beautiful regions. Pretty little villages take you on a journey to the past. You shouldn’t miss out on the delicious Alsation food and wine either.

Gasthof Löwen Kappel-Grafenhausen Umgebung Schwarzwald

Black Forest

The Black Forest isn’t only famous for cuckoo clocks, its landscape is also unique in the world. Steep mountains and rugged valleys contrast with sparkling waterfalls and tranquil rivers.

Gasthof Löwen Kappel-Grafenhausen Umgebung Kinzigtal

Kinzig Valley

The Kinzig runs through the middle of the Black Forest from east to west, eventually flowing into the river Main near Hanau. The beautiful valley has green fields and forests and is home to the world-famous “Bollenhut” headdress with red pompoms!

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